News: January 2020

The new decade got off to a fantastic start with the burying of two very special time capsules at Moss Industrial Estate.

Pupils from Lowton Junior and Infant School created lots of fantastic pieces of work to go inside the centenary time capsules and the Mayor of Wigan came along to help us bury them and unveil a special plaque.

The event was organised as part of a year-long celebration to mark the 100th birthday of local business, George Moss & Sons Limited, which owns Moss Industrial Estate in Leigh.  The business holds a very special place in Leigh’s history and has been run by the Moss family for five generations.

The school pupils wrote letters and drew pictures to reflect what life was like in Leigh 100 years ago, in 1920, when George Moss & Sons Limited was incorporated; what life is like today; and what the pupils think life will be like in another one hundred years, in 2120.

The children’s letters, drawings, photos and other important local items they have collected, were sealed inside the time capsules and buried by the children and the Mayor for future generations to discover. The time capsules also include items donated by the Leigh Centurions and Leigh Spinners Mill.

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